Rigged Online Roulette

We take a look at the common complaints that Online Roulette is rigged. It’s easy to see how this isn’t true, real money online games are not a scam, but we take it a step further and demonstrate how you could actually make a tidy profit if the games actually were rigged!


So in short: live roulette is probably the safest real money gambling game you can play online!

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Is Online Roulette a Scam?

In short, online gambling (and Online Roulette) is not rigged. It’s overseen by authorities like The UK Gambling Commission, Kahnawake Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority and others with the goal of keeping gambling fair and reliable.

Rumors of games being rigged mostly stem from the late 1990s which were the Wild West days of online gambling. At that time, it wouldn’t have been out of the ordinary for a casino site to be a scam where you never win on Roulette. At this time games were made by the casino sites themselves, as opposed to online casinos using outside games like they do nowadays.

Since then everything has changed. Authorities have taken up overseeing the games and the biggest gambling companies are multi-billion dollar stock listed companies instead of miniature operations ran illegally from some guy’s bedroom. Another important development has been that casinos don’t have their own games, instead they’re licensed from game providers who’s best interest is to run legit and fair games.

Testing Simulated Games

Gambling authorities, like Malta and UK mentioned above, are extremely strict on two things: the games must run fair and the free versions of the games should be the same as the real money versions.

This means that if you play, let’s say Microgaming’s European Roulette Gold, the game is going to be completely random as it should. It’s also going to behave the same when you play it for fun money and when you play it for real Canadian dollars.

These Roulette games are tested by the gaming companies that create them, like Microgaming, Netent and Big Time Gaming. The game providers don’t own the online casino’s (such as Betway) that run the games. For This reason it’s more profitable for them that the games are not rigged, as its their reputation as a game provider on the line. And even when the games are not rigged, they’re going to reliably return the house edge (around 3% in Roulette’s case) day after day, year after year – no need for rigging!

The simulated casino games, including all flavors of roulette be it American Roulette, European Roulette or French Roulette, are also tested by the likes of eCogra and iBas for any software issues. If you ever have a reason to suspect anything, you can always complain about the Roulette game to the gambling authority listed at the casino where you’re playing.

Are Live Roulette Games Rigged? I Wish!

Live casino games are the hot thing of 2023. These games are broadcasted from a brick and mortar casino and you can bet on the game as you were there yourself.

While it’s one thing to say Live Casino Roulette Games are not rigged (they’re also overseen by the gambling authorities), it’s another to realize that it’d be better for you if they were!

Let’s say you knew that a game was rigged. This’d mean that with a simple Roulette strategy you’d be making a killing in no time playing online.

This is what you’d do:
Live Roulette games are played by dozens of online gamblers at the same time and most softwares (like Evolution Gaming’s) let you see what everybody is betting on. All you’d need to do was to figure out what is being bet the heaviest (let’s say it was Black). Then you’d just bet the opposite (Red), because clearly the “rigged” game would have the ball land on the Roulette Wheel where most bets lose. This way a rigged online Roulette game would make you a tidy profit. It’s just too bad Online Roulette isn’t rigged, not even the live games!

Last updated: 2021/11/03