Roulette Strategy

Here we take a look at Roulette Strategy. Over the years eager gamblers have brought many traditional strategies like Martingale (Doubling Up) and Paroli to Online Roulette. Now it’s time to find out if they actually work!


These strategie are universal. You can use them in both live online Roulette and simulated Roulette.

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Most Important Roulette Tip: Choose French Roulette

Before you even think about Roulette Strategy you should choose the right game. Game selection is important because there’s huge differences in the house edge of the major types of Roulette: European, American and French.

House edges are for even money bets (red/black, for example):

  • American Roulette: 5.26%
  • European Roulette: 2.70%
  • French Roulette: 1.35%

The smaller the house edge, the less you need luck to win at Roulette Casinos. In fact, this game selection is the only perfect strategy to Roulette. Other than that, you just need luck.

Lucky for us, plenty of online casinos feature French Live Roulette in their live casino games sections. Typically, French Roulette tables have a minimum bet of just $1 CAD so no need to go for high stakes before you’re satisfried with the strategy you use for Online Roulette.

Roulette Double Up Strategy

Roulette Strategy is almost synonymous with Martingale System. This is an old gambling system used in even money bets, like Roulette’s red/black or odds/even.

This Martingale strategy works as follows:

  • First, place a bet on Red
  • Then, if you lose, double your wager and continue to bet on Red
  • Each time your bet loses continue doubling up
  • If you win go back to your original wager on Red

Here’s an example using Roulette’s Red/Black betting option:

  • You bet $10 on Red and lose
  • You bet $20 on Red and lose
  • You bet $40 on Red and lose
  • You bet $80 on Red and win
  • = You won $10 ($80 – $10 – $20 – $40 = $10)

The risk here is that you’re wagering a lot to win a little, as you always win as much as your original bet was. In the example above a total of $150 was wagered for a potential return of $10!

Does Doubling Up Work?

The short answer is that it doesn’t. Roulette Wheel has at least one green Zero. Zero never counts for even money bets, so your odds of winning are less than 50% than Martingale Strategy needs to be successful.

While Martingale doesn’t work, it’s not for lack of trying. Martingale Gambling Theorem is studied at university level. However, the best you can do is to play French Roulette, where half your even-money bet is returned if the result is green. This effectively makes your odds of winning double, meaning it takes less luck to win.

Paroli System for Online Roulette

Paroli is a betting system where you multiply your bet after a winning round in an online gambling game. So if you win on Roulette, you double your bet and continue to do so for a pre-determined number of times, usually three.

For example, if you use a three parley Paroli you’d bet $10, $20, $40 and then back to $10. You also go back to $10 after a losing round.

Paroli Roulette example:

  • You bet $10 on Red and win
  • You bet $20 on Red and lose
  • You bet $10 on Red and lose
  • You bet $10 on Red and win
  • You bet $20 on Red and win
  • You bet $40 on Red and win
  • You bet $10 on Red …

The advantage of the Paroli system is that keeps the gambler in check. Instead of gambling away the winnings, they’re “put in your pocket” after three consecutive winning rounds.

You can of course use a different Paroli progression. For example, you could bet units of 1, 2, 4, 8 if you were adventorous. Going further than this is a bit nerve wrecking htough.

Does Paroli Betting Work in Roulette?

It certainly works better than Martingale (doubling up) in the sense that you don’t rack up big losses while trying to get a small win. And you’ll still have to make due with Roulette’s house edge, but at least using Paroli means that if you run hot you’ll pocket your winnings instead of play them all back.

Luck Is The Only Strategy

Wheter you use Martingale doubling-up, cover the Roulette table with bets like James Bond did or cash out after three rounds as per Paroli betting, you still need luck. That’s really all there is to Roulette Strategy: choose the right game and get lucky.

Last updated: 2022/01/21