Tame your fear of losing with Rizk’s new live casino welcome offer

Promotion Summary
  • Play live casino games at Rizk with their new welcome offer
  • If you lose, you'll get 25% of your losses back
  • Maximum cashback is $100

Online gaming seems like fun – you just have a nagging feeling you’ll lose it all somehow. To be honest, you’re 100% right – eventually, everyone loses their bankroll playing games with a house edge.

However, the road to Bustoville isn’t a straight line down – huge winning streaks are mixed in, which is what all gamers live for. As you treat gaming as entertainment, downswings shouldn’t be an issue.

Regardless, it’s never fun losing your first time out. Rizk recognizes this, so they came up with a newcomer-friendly welcome offer for their live casino.

You’re not going believe what they’ve done this time – check it out below.

What is this promotion all about?

If you’re scared of losing big your first time on Rizk, start off in their live casino. When making your first deposit, choose the ‘Live Casino Welcome Offer’. After the process is complete, spend your first 24 hours playing in Rizk’s live casino.

If you rack up a net loss during this period, you’ll get 25% of it back in no-strings-attached cash up to a cap of $100. Amazing.

Many casinos are happy to take your money without a hint of apology. Instead, Rizk has opted to take a customer-centric approach, which is a big reason they are currently among the top gaming sites on the net.

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