Monthly Prize Draws, Perks, And More: Introducing The LeoVegas VIP Experience

Promotion Summary
  • Qualify for LeoVegas VIP membership by enabling communications
  • Every wager earns VIP Points, which fills up your VIP meter
  • When it’s full, you “level up”
  • The higher your level, the better your perks and the better your chances in monthly prize draws

Everyone loves a good prize draw. One stroke of luck is all it takes to win something cool. Well, you might be pleased to learn that LeoVegas holds these contests every single month. In each, iPhones, trips, and other sweet prizes are all up for grabs.

However, only members of the LeoVegas VIP Experience can partake in these contests. However, joining this club is actually quite easy – scroll below the fold, and we'll tell you how.

How does this promo work?

LeoVegas has a loyalty rewards program they call the LeoVegas VIP Experience. While not everyone is a member, becoming one is easy. All you have to do is enable communications from the site.

Once you do this from your account settings, you'll be good to go. Every wager from that point onward will earn you VIP Points. VIP Points will slowly fill a power meter – when full, you'll "level up."

In time, higher levels will get you perks like birthday gifts, sweeter bonuses, and access to personal account managers.

However, we think the best benefit of higher VIP levels are increased winning odds at monthly draws. Every month, LeoVegas will multiply the amount you wagered by your VIP level. This number will equal the number of entries in the monthly draw.

Every month, LeoVegas will draw one prize per VIP tier. The more tickets you have, the better your chances of winning.