Pay for this weekend’s festivities: play Dragon Shard on Quatro Casino

Promotion Summary
  • Ensure you have $20 in your bankroll
  • Enjoy playing Dragon Shard as you normally would
  • If it's your lucky night, you'll randomly win $100

Every week, you give it your all. If it weren’t for your hard work, the company that employs you would fall apart. Once 5 pm hits on Friday, though, all bets are off. It’s time to blow off some serious steam.

Of course, fun has its price. Last time you checked, beer and White Russians aren’t getting any cheaper. What if one of your favourite hobbies (gaming) could pay for your bar tab? That sometimes happens when you run good, but this weekend, you have added incentive to hit the slots.

Quatro Casino is where you’ll want to play tonight. Find out why below.

How does this promotion work?

From 8:03 pm Friday to 8:00 pm Saturday, a flash promotion is happening on Quatro Casino. During this period, playing Dragon Shard could net you and nine others $100 – just like that. Say what?!

Yeah – take this fantasy-themed slot for a few spins, and you could get handed $100 out of thin air. It really doesn’t get easier than that.

Just a few notes, though – first, you must have a bankroll of over $20 online during the promotion. Second, wagering requirements apply, so you may have to grind a bit to withdraw your prize.

Let Quatro Casino pick up the tab next weekend – play on Dragon Shard tomorrow!

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