Win with your NFL bet and get paid double

Pick the player making the first touchdown in any NFL match. If your pick scores a second touchdown, you’ll win double!

Betway has come up with a sports betting promotion I’ve never seen before, and after years of doing this, that’s quite something.

This promotion gives pays you extra, if your chosen NFL player is on fire. Here’s how the promotion works:
Back any player to score the first touchdown in any NFL match. If that player goes on to score a second touchdown in the same game, Betway doubles your winnings with a free bet!

Did you notice the interesting bit? The player doesn’t have to score two consecutive touchdowns. Just the first one and then one more! This makes getting a free bet a lot more likely.

The double winnings are paid in a form of a free bet up to $50. The bet you get must be used in one go (no splitting it over several bets) within a week of receiving it. The maximum you can win with your free bet is $20,000.

I’d say this is one of the best free bet promotions available right now. It’s not even all the free action you get at Betway. If you are new to the site, you’ll get a $30 free bet at Betway when signing up.

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