Make your new year even better with hockey profit boosts on LeoVegas

Just like that, the holiday season was upon us and is now gone. Shopping, visiting friends, big meals – it’s what you live for and enjoyed it. Yet, the new year comes with its fair share of stress as well. When you need to recharge, sitting down and watching some hockey does it for you.

As fun as it is to watch your favourite teams go at each other, what if you had some money riding on the results of these games? It’s not like it’s your first time around the block – you’ve played and watched this sport ever since you were a kid.

Online casinos like LeoVegas give you a chance to make cash leveraging what you know about the best sport in the world by offering sportsbooks where you can place your bets.

It gets better, though – they also offer bonuses known as profit boosts. Ready to maximize your return on your sports betting dollar this holiday season? Scroll down below the fold for all the details.

How does this promotion work?

Until January 6, 2019, LeoVegas is offering profit boosts on three, four, and five game parlays. So long as each game in a set has odds of 1.4 or greater, you could win up to $500 on top of your normal winnings.

Three, four, and five-game sets offer profit boosts of 10%, 20%, and 35% respectively. You don’t even have to bet big to win – the maximum bet size is only $30 CAD.

Ready to take home sacks full of money this December? Jump on LeoVegas and get to it!

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