Go crazy for Cricket Star this week on Yukon Gold

Promotion Summary
  • Play Cricket Star daily at Yukon Gold
  • Top 5 daily players based on wager size win $100
  • Must have $20 in bankroll to qualify for your $100 if you win

Ever watch cricket before? A forerunner to baseball, it features lots of intense action. Even if the games are mind-numbingly long, you’ve got to respect the athletes in this sport. Hitters can only offer at a pitch once it has bounced off the turf. Fielders often make mental catches.

In short, it’s a ton of fun.

Recently, Yukon Gold added Cricket Star to its lineup of scratch-off games. To celebrate, they are rewarding top players each day over the next week.

What could you win? Read on below and find out.

How does this promo work?

Until June 5th at 8:00 pm Eastern, you can earn some extra scratch on Yukon Gold. Here’s how: first, ensure you have more than $20 on the site at all times during this promotion. Secondly, play Cricket Star – a lot.

If you are among the top five wagerers each day, Yukon Gold will ship you $100. Not bad for being a committed gamer. Don’t worry if you fall short – you have until the 5th of June to crack the top five.

And even then, every card you play may be the one with a 10,000x multiplier. With buy-ins at $1 apiece, that payoff would make a hundo look rather small in comparison. But, as the saying goes, you can only win if you play. See you on Yukon Gold this week – good luck!

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