Prove your sports betting prowess: win a spot in the LeoVegas Sports Hall of Fame

Promotion Summary
  • compete in three separate categories
  • biggest win from a single bet, winning with worst odds or most complex paralay
  • $250 cash prize for winner in each category

For as long as you can remember, sports have always been there. From playing to watching, you know the ins and outs of games like hockey, baseball, and football. As you have grown up, this has given you a base of knowledge that has made you a successful sports bettor.

However, you’ve grown tired of besting your friends, week after week. You hunger for a new challenge, one that would crown you as one of the better match pickers in the world. LeoVegas has come up with a program that does just that – read all about it below the fold.

What is this promotion all about?

Throughout 2019, LeoVegas is giving its customers a shot at sports betting immortality. By competing and winning in one of three categories, you can point to your achievement as proof of elite level skill.

By netting the most significant win from a single bet, winning with a wager that has the worst odds, or winning with the most complex parlay each month, you’ll get your username posted for everyone to see. On top of this, you’ll also earn $250 which you can use celebrate your win with your friends.

Sound like a feat that has your name on it? Jump on LeoVegas today and make us proud!

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