Earn money back with every bet on PartyCasino

Promotion Summary
  • Opt-in to the cashback program
  • Small % of each bet is set aside
  • Withdraw or use for future bets when you wish

Gaming is a fun hobby we all enjoy. Nonetheless, inevitable downswings can test our resolve. That’s why online casinos run promos – they put money in your pocket when Lady Luck isn’t smiling.

Of all the promotions we’ve seen over the years, though, none are as great as PartyCasino’s Cashback program. Below, we’ll run down how this initiative can keep the money rolling in even when your luck isn’t great.

How does this program work?

Every player on PartyCasino can take advantage of their Cashback program. To do this, however, you must opt-in first. When you log in, there is a cashback button at the top of the page. Activate it, and you’ll collect cash on every bet you make afterwards.

The rate you’ll earn varies from one game type to the next. Blackjack pays you 0.025% of every wager you make, while scratch cards fetch you a 0.25% return. From time to time, promotions will offer double cashback on certain games, so keep your eyes peeled!

Keep more of your hard-earned gaming dollar – turn on PartyCasino Cashback today!

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