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Promotion Summary
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Wealth can be elusive. Jobs pay just enough so you won't quit. The stock market is becoming an increasingly risky proposition. Let's be real – making money ain't easy.

Unless that is, you get lucky. We wouldn't rely on it, but it's foolhardy NOT to allow fortune to work its magic.

Sometimes, you come across deals that only an idiot would refuse. What if we told you that you could get 80 chances to win $20 million+ for only $1? Would you seize that opportunity?

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How does this promo work?

Mega Vault Millionaire is one of the most lucrative slots on the internet. It's a game that offers four progressive jackpots. Every time you take a spin in this game, a portion of your wager feeds them.

It's been a while since anyone has hit Mega Vault Millionaire's Mega Jackpot. Guaranteed at over $1 million, it has ballooned to over $20 million. Someday, somebody will take it down – will that person be you?

There's only one way to find out – join an online casino that offers Mega Vault Millionaire. Zodiac Casino does, and boy, do they ever have an enticing welcome offer.

It goes like this: Deposit $1, and they'll give you 80 FREE SPINS on Mega Vault Millionaire. That's right – for a loonie, you'll have 80 opportunities to go to the jackpot round. If you do, anything can happen!

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