Enjoy the benefits of being a high-roller: become a VIP at The Palace Group

As someone who earns an income in the 99th percentile, you have more than enough money to fund a comfortable lifestyle. Your investments are fully funded, your kid’s education is well on its way to being paid for, and when you want to travel somewhere, you just book the tickets and go.

Your job is a challenging one, so you earn every nickel you are paid. After a hectic week at work, you blow off steam by pouring a glass of fine bourbon on the rocks, sitting in front of your computer, and putting your extra funds at risk in the hopes of winning a lot more.

Casinos are the ultimate thrill, and you are unafraid to put considerable sums on the table in pursuit of it. Because of this, any casino fortunate enough to win your business should treat you like royalty.

If your current gaming site treats you like an ATM, perhaps its time to consider The Palace Group’s VIP program.

How do I qualify for this program?

Got €10,000 ready to deploy via Interac or other deposit methods? If so, you only need to amass 150,000 loyalty points, and you’ll meet the criteria needed to become a VIP with The Palace Group. That sounds like a lot, but considering the stakes you will be playing, it won’t be long before you have racked up the amount required.

When you are accepted as a VIP, you’ll get your own account manager, quicker withdrawals, access to exclusive VIP tournaments, invitations to events around the world, and so much more!

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