Active Promotion

Get Top-Shelf Perks as a Betsafe VIP Member

Promotion Summary
  • VIP membership on Betsafe is by invitation-only
  • Play regularly to increase your chances of a Betsafe VIP invitation
  • VIP members enjoy access to perks like account managers, special rewards, and tickets to exclusive events

Life’s great at the top. If you’re a VIP, you have access to things that regular people don’t. This fact can be discouraging, as it’s a world that most feel they will never inhabit. In many cases, though, this isn’t true. With hard work, many of us can achieve VIP status.

The same is true in online gaming. Sites like Betsafe have a VIP program that is invite-only. However, anyone can access it by showing up regularly.

By playing enough, you can get an invitation to this site’s VIP club. Follow us below the fold, and we’ll show what awaits you on the other side.

How does this promo work?

To get into the Betsafe VIP program, you need to meet internal guidelines for entry. We don’t know this information ourselves – by placing more wagers regularly, though, you’ll get on Betsafe’s radar.

Eventually, you’ll get an invite email from Betsafe management. Accept it, and you’ll gain access to a host of fantastic perks. For example, you’ll get access to a personal account manager that will attend to your questions and concerns.

What’s more, your withdrawals will process faster. You’ll get access to private tourneys. And, you get tickets to exclusive events all over the world.

These benefits are worth the hours you’ll put in at the tables. Once you get in, you’ll be glad you made it to the other side.