Win TONNES Of Cash & Prizes Through Guts Casino’s $20,000 Springtime Expedition!

Promotion Summary
  • Opt into the $20,000 Springtime Expedition on the contest page
  • Check out the mission that’s currently available
  • Complete the listed objectives to win CASH and/or FREE SPINS!

It just won't go away. Like an unwanted guest, winter continues to hang around. Unlike your relatives, though, the weather ignores subtle hints – it does want it wants.

All we can do is wait it out inside, where it's warm. While we wait, we can distract ourselves with activities like gaming.

In particular, there's a contest on Guts Casino that's running from now until Easter. Scroll down below, and we'll tell you about all the things you can win playing the $20,000 Springtime Expedition.

How does this promo work?

Until April 12th, Guts Casino is holding a contest it calls the $20,000 Springtime Expedition. It is a series of promotions that will award $20,000 in CASH and FREE SPINS.

Guts has divided the contest into seven phases. Some have concluded, but the other half still lie ahead. In each, you have a set of tasks to complete. You may need to get as high a coin win as possible, or bet a certain amount.

Succeed in your mission, and you'll bag FREE SPINS or CASH! Sound awesome? It's definitely more fun than standing outside like a sad panda, wishing it was spring!

Get on Guts this week and do us proud!