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Win Millions on a Single Spin: Play Mega Fortune on Frank & Fred

Promotion Summary
  • Log onto Frank & Fred
  • Click on "Jackpot Games" in the left sidebar
  • Load up and play Mega Fortune
  • Hit the jackpot and you could win a multi-million dollar prize

We all dream about hitting a big win. You know, the kind that can erase your money problems in one fell swoop. One minute, you’re an average adult with average assets and liabilities. And in the next, your assets explode, and your financial obligations evaporate.

Jackpot slots like Mega Fortune can do just that. This game, which you can find on Frank & Fred Casino, has done this for scores of people over the years. Will you be next? Follow us below, and we’ll tell you more about this NetEnt classic.

How does this game work?

Begin by logging onto Frank & Fred, then click on “Jackpot Games” in the left sidebar. Scroll down until you find Mega Fortune (or you can search for it if you’re in a rush). Then, load up the game and start spinning the reels. As you play, you’ll want to line up three scatter symbols. Doing this will send you to the bonus round, where you’ll get to spin the Wheel of Luck. Hit the right spin, and you could be the next multi-million dollar winner!

We’ll end this blog with a few fun Mega Fortune facts. On average, a player hits the Mega Jackpot once every two months. When they do, they take down a jackpot worth around 5.4 million dollars. In 2013, a Finn won the largest Mega Fortune jackpot ever – it was worth about 26 million dollars!

With that, we wish you the best of luck – but game responsibly.