Can you hang with Pablo Escobar’s crew? Join Guts Casino this summer and find out…

Promotion Summary
  • Guts Casino has launched their new welcome offer
  • New players get double their deposit (up to $100) in bonus cash
  • New players get 100 free spins on the new video slot, Narcos
  • Claim this welcome offer with a minimum deposit of just $10

Gaming has always had an outlaw appeal to it. We both know it’s just entertainment, but for years, preachy moralizers have equated it with “evils” like drug running.

Despite this, both have their sex appeal. Hollywood has made serious bank off TV shows like Narcos, and they’ve done the same with movies like Casino. In a way, it’s appropriate Narcos now has a video slot out – talk about combining two “vices” into one neat package.

To capitalize on the success of this game, Guts has recently revamped its welcome offer. Are you looking for a new casino to join? Find out how you can get a bunch of free spins on Narcos and bonus cash in the process.

How does this promotion work?

It’s 2019, and competition in online gaming is as vicious as ever. To stand out, Guts Casino has made their new welcome offer nothing short of irresistible. When you deposit a minimum of $10 on Guts, you’ll get double that amount in bonus cash, up to $100. To hit the cap, all you need to do is deposit $50 – an affordable amount by any measure.

That’s not all – you’ll also get 100 free spins on video slot, Narcos. However, unlike free spins on other sites, the proceeds from these are entirely wager-free. Nor is there any cap on winnings – that’s a deal so good, it feels like it should be illegal. You know, kind of like coke smuggling…

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better welcome deal anywhere else this summer. If you’re looking for a new casino, head over to Guts – before they change their mind!

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