Outspin, outplay, outlast: be the last player standing and win €5,000 on Bitstarz

Promotion Summary
  • qualify by betting the equivalent of €20 the first day
  • last man standing takes home €5,000

Ever since its debut more than a decade ago, you’ve been a big fan of Survivor. It’s not just the tropical locales that appeal – the alliances, the bonus games, and the lengths to which people go to avoid elimination captivate you.

With life-changing money on the line, people do everything they can to work together while planning to outlast their teammates. While you will never have the physical stamina or the cunning to star on the show, you can embody its spirit in the latest promotion from Bitstarz.

Intrigued? Keep reading below for all the details.

How does this tournament work?

Starting from 6:01 pm Eastern Time on Monday, February 11th, a slot tournament with a unique twist will kick off on Bitstarz. Qualify by betting through the equivalent of €20 on the first day, and you’ll be pitted against other slot tournament players in a quest for survival.

Sounds easy? Don’t be so sure – you’ll need to wager through €20 every day to stay in the running. Eventually, luck and extenuating life circumstances will force others to bow out. If you manage to stick it out to the end, though, a substantial reward of €5,000 will be yours for the taking.

Are you ready to outspin, outplay, and outlast the competition this February? Get started on Monday evening, and we’ll see if you have what it takes.

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