Participate in the Casumo Winter Games this December and win big

So, it’s finally here – winter. Your least favourite season. The temptation to hibernate until spring is overwhelming, but your family won’t stop trying to drag you out into the inhospitable outdoors. They have a point, though – even if this time of year has its drawbacks, it’s best to make the most of its redeeming qualities.

While it can be tough to derive enjoyment from activities like skating and skiing due to the cold, it is worth it for the time you spend together as a unit. This should win you brownie points when it comes to ‘me time’, so use it to play away the dark hours of this cold season on casino sites like Casumo.

Right now, they are putting on an event known as the Casumo Winter Games. Even if you can barely hold a ‘pizza’ formation while skiing, you can excel at these sports.

More on this below.

What is this promotion all about?

From November 30 until January 6, 2019, Casumo is hosting a carnival of casino e-sports. From slots to live blackjack, there are a bevy of promotions on that can make you stacks of cash.

Some examples include random jackpot giveaways on selected slots, reel races with up to ~$7,500 guaranteed, and bonus cards with instant cash giveaways on Casumo’s live blackjack tables.

Finally, a competition you have a fighting chance to win! We’ll see you on the casino floor this December – good luck!

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