Cats and Cash slot game spinning at double speed this week on Rizk

Rizk is known for the wide slate of virtual slots it offers in their online casino. Of them, Cats and Cash has developed a significant following since its launch. Its popularity is now being rewarded, as it has been chosen as Rizk’s Game of the Week.

Cats and Cash to operate at twice its normal speed until July 15

Since its creation six years ago, Cats and Cash has delighted online gamers with its lighthearted design and its various ways to make tons of money (with up to 15 lines which can be bet and exciting bonus games).

In recognition of its popularity, Rizk has honoured it as their game of the week. Between 8 am EDT, July 9th to 5:59 pm EDT, July 15th, the Cats and Cash slot promotion will have its reels spinning twice as fast as they normally do.

What does this mean for gamers like yourself? Seeing twice the normal amount of spins over your sessions won’t just double the chances you have to hit a lucky spin, but your bonus bar will shoot up as twice its normal speed as well. 

Getting to play twice the number of bonus games should be an exciting prospect – unlike a normal spin, you risk nothing but have a chance to win some serious moolah. You can win up to 5,000 times your original bet by spinning a wheel or picking a box – how cool is that?

If you play this week, we hope you hit it big – happy hunting!

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