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Collect up to 20% Weekly Cashback With Caxino Extra

Promotion Summary
  • Membership in Caxino Extra is by invitation only
  • To get in, log in and play regularly on Caxino
  • Meet membership criteria and you'll be invited to join Caxino Extra
  • Caxino Extra members enjoy benefits like real money bonuses, personal account managers, and up to 20% weekly cashback

As an everyday online gamer, you deserve better from your online casino. Were it not for your patronage, this weekly source of entertainment would not exist. That’s why savvy online gambling sites run VIP programs. Caxino is no different, as they have Caxino Extra.

Join this club, and you can get up to 20% weekly cashback. Follow us below the fold, and we’ll show you how this program works.

How Does This Promo Work?

Firstly, know that membership in Caxino Extra is by invitation only. So, unlike merit-based schemes, you’ll have to play your way into this VIP club. While they do not disclose their membership criteria, you’ll improve your odds of getting an invite by playing more often. As you do, keep an eye on your email inbox. When you qualify for Caxino Extra membership, you’ll receive an invite. After accepting, you’ll gain access to a range of incredible benefits. These include getting a personal account manager and the ability to opt into real money bonuses. But the biggest perk of Caxino Extra membership is their weekly cashback program. In this scheme, you could get up to 20% back on weekly net losses.

Terms & Conditions

There’s no doubt about it – membership has its benefits. But as always, there are terms and conditions to be aware of:

  1. In Caxino Extra, Caxino offers real money bonuses. Cash awarded in these offers are considered to be real money – as such, they are free of wagering requirements and may be withdrawn straight away.
  2. Caxino bases Caxino Extra cashback payouts on net weekly losses. They also consider these funds to be real money. Because of this, you may withdraw them immediately.
  3. For further information on Caxino Extra, contact Caxino customer support.