Cash, Prizes, And Free Spins (Oh, My!): Play Cashmio’s Slot Tourneys This January To Win BIG!

Promotion Summary
  • Participate in Cashmio Champions Races during the four weekly promo periods
  • Post a top ten score to win up to $2,000 cash, prizes, or free spins
  • Each week offers a new chance to win BIG

It’s the first week of January. The holidays have come to a close (unless you’re an Orthodox Christian – Happy Orthodox Christmas!).

While this fact has some down in the dumps, it can also be energizing. We’re all back to our routines, with a renewed sense of purpose. This extends to gaming – we all want our 2020 to be more profitable than 2019.

It’s in that spirit we bring you Cashmio’s latest slot tournament promotion. Below, we’ll talk about how you can win THOUSANDS in cash, HUNDREDS in free spins, and the latest gadgets!

How does this promo work?

From January 6th until February 2nd, Cashmio is running four back-to-back weekly slot tournaments. Each offers players the chance to win a different set of prizes.

To participate, play the selected games on the contest page. Every time you win, win BIG, or win three times-in-a-row, you’ll get points. At the end of the week, those who finish in the top ten will get prizes.

The first week, you’ll play for cash – $50 for tenth, $2,000 for first. The second week, free spins and gadgets are on the line. Tenth through fifth get 20-100 free spins, fourth gets an Instax camera, and first place wins an iPhone 11! In the third week, you’ll play for free spins. Tenth gets 75 free pulls, with 400 for the grand prize winner. In the fourth and final week, cash will be on the line once again. Tenth bags $50, with the first-place finisher getting $1,000!

Ready to start 2020 properly? Get over to Cashmio and play your heart out!

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