Active Promotion

Get Thousands in Cash & Free Spin Prizes Weekly on BitStarz

Promotion Summary
  • Log onto BitStarz every Saturday at 6:01 pm Eastern Time
  • Play all your favourite slot games
  • Earn points for every slot wager
  • Finish in the top 40 to win cash prizes
  • Finish in the top 150 to win free spins

What if you could win cash prizes and free spins for playing your favourite slot games? That’s the opportunity that BitStarz offers every week. They call this contest Slot Wars – over seven days, the most dedicated slot players can win a share of $5,000 or 5,000 free spins.

Follow us below, and we’ll run down how it works.

How does this promo work?

Start by logging onto BitStarz every Saturday at 6:01 pm Eastern Time. At this moment, a new edition of Slot Wars kicks off. The object of this contest is simple – amass the most points by 5:59 pm the following Saturday.

How do you earn points? By wagering on your favourite slots. So long as you are playing with real cash on SLOTS (no table games), you’ll earn points for every bet you make.

Finish in the top 40 to win money. If you mincash, you’ll get $25. Land in first place, though, and you’ll take home $1,500. If you fall short, no worries – 41st through 150th place get free spins. Depending on your final position, you’ll get 25 to 100 free spins.

As always, there are T&Cs to note. First, if you win a cash prize, you’ll get it within 48 hours of the end of your contest. BitStarz awards these sums as real cash, so feel free to withdraw them if you wish. On the other hand, BitStarz considers the winnings of awarded free spins to be bonus cash. To unlock that sum, you’ll need to wager through it 40 times.