Active Promotion

Get the Most From Your 32Red Experience With Red Ruby Rewards

Promotion Summary
  • Log onto 32Red
  • Play casino games
  • Earn Red Rubies
  • Redeem Red Rubies for bonus cash
  • Get enough Red Rubies to get better perks (via higher loyalty levels)

When it comes to online casinos, you are more important than you realize. Without regulars, sites like 32Red wouldn’t be able to provide a fun place to play casino games online.

So, to thank players that show up every week, 32Red offers loyalty points and benefits. Follow us below the fold, and we’ll tell you all about this program.

How does this promo work?

Log onto 32Red as you usually do, load up your favourite games and start playing. With every wager you make, you earn loyalty points that 32Red calls Red Rubies. Eventually, you’ll collect more than 1,000 Red Rubies. At that point, you can redeem your Rubies for bonus cash.

Currently, the redemption ratio is ten casino chips per 1,000 Red Rubies. Additionally, earning enough Red Rubies will help you rise through 32Red’s loyalty tiers. The higher you get, the better the perks. For instance, your birthday bonus more than doubles from 1,000 Red Rubies to 2,500 when you’re a Silver member. At Gold, you start getting personalized promotions. And, when you get into Club Rouge, the benefits get incredible.

To get to the top, though, 32Red must invite you. So, play regularly, get to Platinum, and keep your eye on your email inbox.