Collect bonus cards, win prizes at LeoVegas Live Blackjack

There’s nothing like the thrill of live blackjack. The dealer pulling cards from the shoe. The witty small talk. The thrill of splitting your hand, doubling down, and winning on both. These elements are often lacking in the online game, which makes it easy fans of brick and mortar casinos to click away sooner.

Thankfully, top internet gaming platforms like LeoVegas have opened live casino tables where blackjack dealers are live streamed from their headquarters. They pull the cards out of a shoe in real time, chat with players via a text box, and generally, give the game a human feel.

That isn’t the only reason to play, though – there is a live blackjack promotion going on over the next month on this site that will reward you for playing the game you love. Check it out below.

How does this promotion work?

There are three tiers of bonus cards: bronze, silver, and gold. Lower stake games ($5 min bet) have the bronze cards mixed into the shoe, mid stakes ($10 min bet) have silver, and higher stake games ($20 min bet) the gold.

Two bonus cards are mixed into each shoe. If you collect three of each type between 11 am and 5:59 pm ET, you win a cash prize. Those who collect three bronze get $25, three silver cards yield $50, while three gold cards will net $75.

Best of all, any bonus you win has no wagering requirements attached to it. Feel free to withdraw it straight away and buy yourself a nice dinner, or treat your friends to drinks on you – the choice is yours!

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