DOUBLE your pleasure on Zodiac: Play “A Dark Matter” all November!

Promotion Summary
  • Deposit $100 or more on Zodiac Casino
  • Play on slot, “A Dark Matter”
  • Earn DOUBLE points until the end of November

Eventually, all games wear out their welcome. Why else do you think online casinos have hundreds of slots to choose from?

If you’re tired of your usual lineup, it’s time you added some new games to the mix. May we suggest you give “A Dark Matter” a try? A slot set in Victorian England, it combines a suspense-filled plot with exciting casino gaming.

Are you intrigued? If so, give this game a shot on Zodiac Casino this November. Why Zodiac specifically? We’ll explain more about that below!

How does this promo work?

All November, Zodiac Casino is celebrating the launch of “A Dark Matter” in grand fashion. By opting in, you can earn DOUBLE the usual loyalty points on this slot.

Want to participate? Start by depositing $100 or more on Zodiac Casino. Then, play “A Dark Matter” as much as you like. Zodiac will DOUBLE every loyalty point earned up to 2,500. If you need a boost to get to the next loyalty tier, this promo could be just the ticket!

Give this entertaining slot a spin today – you only have until November 30

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