Take the sting out of your next bad beat: play poker on Bodog

Promotion Summary
  • Bad beat bonus at Bodog poker tables
  • Get up to 1,000x the big blind if you hit the cooler
  • Maximum bad beat bonus is $1,000

Of all the games spread on an online casino, poker is among the most alluring. Unlike the rest, this is a game that can be beaten over the long term. You are matching wits against other players, not the house.

As such, it attracts throngs of smart players (and plenty of recreational ones as well) hoping to make a nice side (or full-time) income. Poker is not an easy way to make a living, though – it can be immeasurably cruel at times.

Downswings, long break-even stretches, and icy coolers are all part of the game. None of these measure up to the emotional impact a bad beat can have. Ever have quads, a full house, or a strong hand that is best 98% of the time, only to have your opponent turn over a better hand?

It’s crushing. Yet, many online poker sites don’t offer a bad beat bonus. However, Bodog does – we’ll break it down for you below the fold.

How does this promotion work?

Bodog offers a bad beat bonus, but it differs from the ones offered in brick and mortar casinos. First, the qualifying conditions are strict – the lowest hand you can have is aces full of kings, and both you and your opponent must make your hands using both hole cards.

If you qualify for the bad beat bonus, you’ll get 1,000x the big blind up to $1,000. It is not yours automatically, though – write down the hand and table number and phone/e-mail Bodog ASAP (within 48 hours).

Do this, and your consolation prize will be credited to your account.

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