BACK IN BLACK: Nail an all-spade/club blackjack and win REAL CASH prizes on Rizk!

Promotion Summary
  • Play at Rizk Blackjack 1 or 2 for a minimum of $5/hand
  • Make a blackjack with all clubs, and win $15 REAL CASH
  • Make a blackjack with all spades, and win $30 REAL CASH
  • Contest ends December 1, 2019

It’s 2019, and people STILL line up outside stores at 5 am – why? For some, shopping is a contact sport. For these folks, Black Friday is their Stanley Cup Final. Instead of chasing a trophy, they’re after that $999 60″ OLED TV. Only ten are available, and they’re determined to get their hands on one of them.

But you, you’re a sane human being. Why get up at an ungodly hour to save money on stuff? Firstly, online shopping is making this spectacle irrelevant, and second… you’d rather play games.

All November, Rizk is holding a “Black Friday” promotion you’ll enthusiastically get behind. Follow us below, and we’ll dish the details.

How does this promo work?

Until December 1, Rizk is holding a “Black in Black” contest in their live casino, Rizk Club. How does it work? Simply take a seat at Rizk Blackjack 1 or 2. Then, chase blackjacks made entirely of clubs or spades.

If you make 21 with all clubs, you’ll get $15 REAL CASH. Do it with spades, and that amount becomes $30 REAL CASH. A Black Friday promotion that GIVES YOU cash – imagine that?

Time’s a’ wasting, though – get on Rizk tonight and get after these special blackjacks!

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