Get cash back on every bet you make at PartyCasino

As fun as gaming can be, we all have that losing streak that tests our patience. Even on vetted, well-established sites like PartyCasino, you’ll inevitably run into a monster downswing – that’s math for you.

That’s cold comfort when you’re down a bunch of buy-ins, though. Thankfully, online casinos have come up with numerous bonuses designed to keep you in the game even when RNGesus is nowhere to be found.

However, we just love the simple yet sublime solution PartyCasino has come up with. Read on below to learn more about it.

How does this promotion work?

Do you belong to a brand loyalty program? If you shop for groceries, have applied for a credit card, or get gas at the same station every week, chances are you’ve been offered the chance to sign up for one.

If you don’t, every purchase you make earns you points that can be redeemed for products at a later date. PartyCasino offers a similar program, but instead of points, you get cash back.

If you opt into the program, a set percentage of every bet you make is given back to you. From 0.05% at the blackjack table to 0.5% of every spin on a jackpot slot, you’ll earn a buffer that will protect your bankroll from the worst downswings.

Interested? Log into your account and press the ‘opt-in’ button at the top of the page to start earning money simply for playing at PartyCasino.

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