The Higher You Climb, The Better The Rewards: Introducing Captain Spins Loyalty Program

Promotion Summary
  • All players start as “New Recruits”
  • Get a 500 points on sign up
  • Get a monthly bonus for improving or maintaining your status
  • Basic perks include expanded withdrawal limits and up to 15% weekly cashback
  • Legend status holders get gifts, tickets to events, and free dinners up to $1,000

It's incredible how some online casinos feel entitled to your money. They take your deposit and don't offer much in return – just the vague promise of getting into their VIP Club. Fat chance of that happening – unless you're a high roller like the Monopoly Man, you're not getting in.

Contrast that to the regime that sites like Captain Spins Casino offer. With a progressive scale that allows you to play your way into higher tiers, you can earn VIP benefits.

Intrigued? Follow us below the fold, and we'll tell you more about Captain Spins Casino's Loyalty Program.

How does this promo work?

Captain Spins Casino offers a loyalty program that allows you to earn perks that get progressively better.

From the moment you make your first deposit on Captain Spins, you're a member. In fact, they'll start you off with 500 points, right out of the gate.

From there, it's all on you. Make it to 2,250 points, and you'll get a rank improvement bonus. And if you manage to maintain your status, you'll get that same bonus, every single month.

In the early tiers, Captain Spins will boost your withdrawal limit and offer steadily improving weekly cashback. Get to "Legend", the top level, and you'll be pulling in 15% per week.

But, that's not all "Legend" has to offer. You'll get gifts on special occasions. Tickets to special events will be yours. Captain Spins will comp dinners up to $1,000. And every year, they'll invite you to a gaming event, where you'll have tonnes of fun!

Don't watch high rollers hog all the benefits – head over to Captain Spins and earn your piece.

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