Hit a huge soccer score with LeoVegas BetBuilder

Promotion Summary
  • Make up to 12-fold parlays on a single game with LeoVegas BetBuilder
  • Bet on the winners, goal scorers, corners, yellow/red cards, and much more
  • Wager on games in the English Premier League, Champions League, the World Cup... and more

Your friends won’t even give soccer a chance. It’s their loss – a single goal decides most matches. You could cut the tension with a knife – it’s that thrilling!

Putting money down on their outcome only heightens the excitement. Nothing makes a victory in the closing minutes sweeter than bagging a sweet score!

After betting for a couple of years, though, single wagers don’t do it for you anymore. Thanks to the parity of top leagues, even underdog bets produce a disappointing yield.

No, no – parlays are where’s it at. Sure, they hit less often than singles, but when they do, you win hundreds of dollars instead of dozens.

If this describes you perfectly, then you’ll want to know about LeoVegas BetBuilder. Imagine how much you’d rake in after hitting a 12-fold wager! Interested? Follow us below the fold.

How does this promotion work?

If you’re all about parlays, LeoVegas BetBuilder is for you. This betting system allows you to make up to a 12-fold selection on a single game – wow!

The variety of wagers will make your head spin. From vanilla bets (game outcome) to more exotic choices (number of corners in 90 minutes), the possibilities are endless.

With every addition to your bet slip, your odds will lengthen. You might not hit often… but when you do, you’ll be rolling in dough! We’ll put it to you this way – would you rather make $50 or $500 on a bet. We know where we stand.

Make Soccer Saturday exciting again – get started with LeoVegas BetBuilder this weekend!

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