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You Best Protect Your Bet – Get Betsafe Parlay Insurance

Promotion Summary
  • Log onto Betsafe
  • Create a parlay with four selections or more
  • Click the "insurance" box before submitting your wager
  • If your parlay fails by one selection, you'll get your money back

We’ve all been there. You’re on the cusp of a big sports betting score, only to have your final selection ruin everything. It’s never a blowout loss either – these selections always seem to be nailbiters (or worse, your side blows a lead late in the game). A big payday dashed – just like that.

But what if you could get your money back as consolation? Betsafe extends that opportunity, as they offer insurance on four-fold (or bigger) parlays. Follow us below, and we’ll tell you more.

How Does This Promo Work?

Start by logging onto Betsafe, and then head to the betting dashboard. Next, put together a parlay like you usually do, so long as it has four selections or more. Lastly, before submitting your wager, check the “insurance” box. Take this crucial step, and crushing disappointments will become a little easier to bear. Should it fall by one pick, Betsafe will give your money back.

Terms & Conditions

Now, that’s a cool feature that we wish all sportsbooks would offer. However, there are T&Cs you should know about:

  1. To qualify for parlay insurance, wagers must consist of four selections or more, a bet amount between $0.20 and $200, total minimum odds of +400 (or longer), and minimum odds of -333 (or longer) per selection.
  2. Betsafe will fully refund wagers up to a maximum of $50. Bets over this amount will get $50, but no more.
  3. Note that Betsafe limits refunds to two per day.
  4. Be aware that system bets are excluded from Betsafe’s parlay insurance scheme.