Play Bingo To Win Your Share Of $3,000 Every Saturday On Unibet

Promotion Summary
  • Play in Unibet’s $3,000 Super Saturday bingo game every Saturday at 2:00 pm Eastern Time
  • Tickets sell for $1.50/piece – maximum 100 tickets
  • Compete for a top prize of $1,500

The virtual bingo club is replacing the real-world version. Rather than sit in a smoky hall for hours, you can daub numbers from the comfort of your home.

You can lounge in your PJs, play your own music, and not have to deal with sore losers. In short, it's amazing. Best of all, the economies of scale mean that the jackpots online can get huge. Put them next to those offered at your local bingo hall, and there's no comparison.

If you like big jackpots, there's no better place to be every Saturday than Unibet. Follow us below, and we'll show you how much you could win every weekend on this site.

How does this promo work?

Every Saturday, Unibet holds a bingo game called Super Saturday. This match has a prize pool of $3,000, and a top prize of $1,500.

Want to play? Here's how – start by logging onto Unibet. If you don't have an account, make one. Then, click over to Unibet's bingo section. You don't have to wait until 2:00 pm Eastern Saturday to buy in – ticket sales open seven days before.

Every ticket costs $1.50 apiece. If you want to max out, you can buy up to 100 tickets total. At game time, head to The Arena, and watch the numbers as Unibet calls them.

If you're in, we wish you nothing but the best of luck.