Guts celebrates its fifth birthday with a brand-spanking new website

Starting a new casino from scratch is tough, especially these days. Not only do you have to do battle against established sites with huge name recognition, you also have to secure enough liquidity from investors who believe enough in your product to give you significant amounts of money.

In five short years, Guts went from just another bit player that could have failed like countless other also-rans to one of the hottest online casinos on the web.

Let’s talk more about why Guts have risen to prominence so quickly below the fold.

What do I need to know about Guts?

Started in 2013 by a group of veterans of the internet gaming space, this ragtag site found initial success from its desire to optimize all facets of the I-gaming experience.

Five years later, they are celebrating 125,000 regular customers and over 20 million in bonuses paid by launching a new Guts casino website. User-friendly, modern, and sleek, it adds to an already vibrant gaming experience that has recently been enhanced by the launch of the new Guts sportsbook.

Whether you want to bet on the football game or you just want to get in your slot spins for the night, you’ll find the new Guts to be an immensely enjoyable experience.

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