Don’t be late for your date with an ‘8’ on 888Casino

Promotion Summary
  • Live roulette cash prizes every evening at 888
  • If the ball hits 8, you'll collect free cash
  • No max bonus cash

Roulette is one of the most beautiful games in the casino. You can play conservatively by taking even money bets, or you can go for a big payday by betting on longer shots like corner or street bets. No matter what gaming experience you are looking for, roulette delivers.

Yet, you’re not crazy enough to make the most kamikaze of bets: the straight up bet. Sure, it pays 35:1, but if you miss (which is the overwhelming majority of the time), you lose. However, what if your favourite site paid you if a specific number hit, despite you not betting on it?

That’s what 888Casino its live roulette players every evening – scroll on below for more.

How does this promotion work?

Every night, players in 888’s live casino have a shot of winning a cash prize simply for playing roulette. Sit at the Live Casino Roulette Table in the 888 Private Room every afternoon between 3-4 pm Eastern Time.

If you make a bet worth $8 or more and the roulette ball lands on 8 during this hour, you’ll collect $8 – not bad, eh? It gets rewarded every time it happens during this time period, so if you’re lucky, you can collect a ton of bonus cash.

Have fun, bet smart, and most important of all, run well!

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