Who dares, wins: Test your sports betting mettle and get into the LeoVegas Sport Hall of Fame!

Promotion Summary
  • Three players get into the LeoVegas Sport Hall of Fame monthly
  • Get in by recording the greatest net profit, a win with the highest odds, or by winning the biggest parlay
  • Each entrant will receive $250 cash

As long as you can remember, you’ve been beating your friends at sports betting. By now, they know they’ve got to get lucky to beat you heads-up.

By now, it’s become a somewhat boring routine. It’s time to take on a real challenge. Do you have what it takes to get into the LeoVegas Sport Hall of Fame?

Follow us below the fold, and we’ll show you how.

How does this promo work?

Every month, LeoVegas inducts three sports bettors into its Sport Hall of Fame. No lengthy careers with star-studded accomplishments are needed – just the stones to make a bold wager.

There are three ways you can get in. First, you can log the month’s most massive net win. Do you have the stomach to put hundreds of dollars on a third-period comeback by the Senators? If so, you’ve got a shot at this one.

The second way you can get in – winning a bet with the longest odds. If you don’t have the capital to enter through door #1, this is your lane. Troll the live betting lines for a long shot you think could happen, then place your bet!

Finally, you can enter the LeoVegas Sport Hall of Fame via the parlay route. Lovers of complex 6-fold bets (or greater) should be all over this one. Not only will you make a bundle, but LeoVegas will also honour your accomplishment.

Bragging rights aren’t the only thing that’s at stake here. Get in the Hall of Fame, and you’ll get $250 in withdrawable cash! Win, then get out and CELEBRATE your sports betting intellect!

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