Active Promotion

Win Free Spins, Cash, And Sportscars Through Playamo’s VIP Club

Promotion Summary
  • All Playamo customers are VIP members from day one
  • Earn Casino Points (CPs) with every wager
  • Earn free spins and cash every time you level up
  • Earn 5,000,000 CPs to win a Ferrari 488 GTB

Not every session is entertaining. Some feature boring breakeven stretches, while others are just a straight line downward. To keep players motivated on days like these, online casinos offer VIP or loyalty programs.

Sadly, some cordon their programs off from most gamers, as they only allow top-tier players to join. Playamo is not one of those sites. Below, we’ll show you how you can earn your way to free spins, bonus cash, and even a hot sportscar.

How does this promo work?

All players are members of Playamo’s VIP Club from day one. From that point forward, it’s on you to make the most of your membership. To earn prizes, you need to collect Casino Points or CPs. You get these with every wager you make on Playamo (1 CP = $15).

When you earn enough CPs, you’ll level up. For example, to get to level two, you’ll have to earn 25 CPs. Every time you level up, you win a prize. When you get to level two, for instance, you’ll receive 15 free spins.

These prizes graduate from free spins to real cash at level six. Get there, and you’ll collect a $50 cash prize. The ultimate trophy sits at the end of the VIP road. Collect 5 million CPs, and you’ll win a Ferrari 488 GTB.

As always, there are terms and conditions to keep in mind. The prizes you receive along the way come with wagering requirements attached. You must wager through winnings from free spins ten times, and through bonus cash once.