Add Some SPICE To Your Slot Session With Cashmio Missions!

Promotion Summary
  • Every day, you’ll get three missions
  • Earn bonuses by spinning, spin and winning, or hitting big wins
  • Cleared missions are replaced with new missions each day at 7:00 pm ET

In the depths of a Canadian winter, boredom is your worst enemy. If you run out of things to do in the summer, you can always go outside. In winter? That means layering up and braving the cold and snow – no thanks!

That's why you game. As the bitter wind blows outside, you entertain yourself with slots of all varieties. However, after a while, even these games can get a little monotonous.

That's where Cashmio comes in. Their daily "missions" can breathe new life into your favourite games. Learn more about them below the fold.

How does this promo work?

Cashmio carries an excellent selection of slots. However, in terms of game mechanics, many are relatively identical. Consequently, in time, these titles can bore some players.

To keep folks like you interested, they recently debuted "missions." These challenges give players one of three different goals to hit – spins, winning spins, or big wins. In short, you win these contests by hitting the target number attached to them. If you succeed, you get either free spins or cash coins.

Every day, you can clear up to three missions. Every day at 7:00 pm ET, cleared missions are replaced with fresh challenges. Incomplete missions remain until you complete them.

Ready to add some SPICE to your slot sessions? Give a Cashmio mission a try tonight!

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