Double your pleasure with doubled daily jackpots on LeoVegas

Promotion Summary
  • doubled jackpots up to $5,000 cap
  • ends March 31st, 2019

Winning a little at a time is for chumps. Why bother with a slot that has a max win of 2000x your bet when you could play bigger? If this sounds like you, then you need to start playing progressive jackpot slots.

Slots like Mega Moolah have made headlines for the massive prizes they give out every few months or so. However, what if you can’t wait that long? If you are impatient, there are progressive slots that hand out daily jackpots. The amounts awarded are lower, but with big winners each day, does it matter?

As we speak, a promo on LeoVegas is highlighting these games. Scroll on below and we’ll fill you in on all the details.

How does this promotion work?

From now until the end of March, LeoVegas is running a promotion called ‘Double Jackpots’. During this time, LeoVegas is doubling the daily jackpots of selected Red Tiger jackpot slots.

If you win the daily jackpot up to March 31, LeoVegas will double the win up to $5,000. If it is over $5,000, LeoVegas will add $5,000 to the amount won. Best of all, every dime of this bonus is free of wagering requirements – you can withdraw it all!

Use it to build a backyard deck, pay your bills, or go on a luxury trip. All these things are possible, especially during LeoVegas’ Double Jackpots promo. Don’t miss it!

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