Become Royalty – Join King Billy Casino’s VIP Club

Promotion Summary
  • Everyone is a member from day one
  • Earn King Points by wagering on King Billy casino games
  • Enjoy better perks as your VIP status increases

Typically, to become royalty, one must win the birth lottery. Either that, or you'll need to attract the eye of a lonely prince/princess.

But not in the context of online gaming. On King Billy Casino, you can rise through the royal family through sheer effort. Through their VIP club, we'll show you how to rise from Citizen to King/Queen.

How does this promo work?

Firstly, everyone starts as a member of the King Billy Casino VIP Club. There are no invite e-mails to get in. However, to rise through the levels, you must wager on casino games. Do this, and you'll collect King Points, which you can redeem for cash.

Your King Point balance also determines your VIP level. Get 500 points, for instance, and you'll become a Baron/Baroness. The higher your VIP level, the better the benefits. At loftier VIP levels, you can exchange King Points for more generous cash bonuses. You'll also get entry bonuses that include free spins and wager-free cash.

As always, there are conditions to note. Firstly, not all bets are eligible for King Points. Double options on video poker and slots, and low-risk roulette wagers (e.g., red/black) don't count.

Second, cash bonuses claimed through the redemption of King Points have wagering requirements attached. To unlock these funds, you'll need to wager through them three times.

Lastly, be wary of inactivity. Fail to log into your account for three months, and you'll forfeit all unredeemed King Points to King Billy.