Supersize Your Parlay Wins With LeoVegas Acca Boosts!

Promotion Summary
  • Claim your Acca Boost card in “My Offers”
  • Wager $30 on a minimum 3-fold parlay, with odds 1.3 or higher
  • Get a minimum 10% boost on winning 3-folds, and a maximum 65% boost on 7-folds+
  • Win up to $1,000 EXTRA per boost
  • With five boosts, you could earn $5,000 more per week

At first, it was fun to simply win money betting on sports. The thrill it added elevated your viewing experience to the next level.

After the novelty wore off, though, you started to look at the payouts. Often, they are pedestrian amounts – barely enough to pay for dinner.

You could wager bigger, but you've got bills to pay. And long-shot bets? You're not a fan of lighting money on fire.

There is a third way to make more, though – parlays. These bets are on the outcome of multiple contests. Hit them all, and you win! While they don't convert as often, you can show a profit in the long run with smart wagers.

Of course, you'll take any edge you can get. Every week, LeoVegas offers them in the form of profit boosts. Follow us below, and we'll tell you more.

How does this promo work?

Every week, LeoVegas makes an "Acca Boosts" card available to bettors. Start by claiming it in "My Offers." Then, make at least a 3-fold parlay with a minimum bet of $30 and minimum odds of 1.3.

If your 3-fold wins, you'll get a 10% profit boost. But, if you make up to a 7-fold parlay, the bonus increases up to 65%. In total, you could earn up to $1,000 EXTRA.

Best of all: You can repeat this FOUR more times per week. Theoretically, you could earn $5,000 on top of your sports betting.

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