Running bad at slots? Give Spinback a try – only on Wildz Casino!

Promotion Summary
  • Play slot Book of Dead on Wildz Casino
  • If you miss five spins in a row, you’ll be awarded one free spin
  • Amass five free spins to unlock the entire set

Slot games can be tremendously entertaining. They can also be tremendously frustrating. When the latter is true, you’ll go through $20 in record time. Or, you’ll miss a tonne of spins in a row, then you’ll get a “big win” of 4x your bet – thanks?

We’ll all gone through stretches like this before. If you haven’t, just wait – your day is coming. Wildz Casino knows how it feels – that’s why they’ve come up with a way to ease the pain. Keep reading for all the details.

How does this promo work?

Recently, Wildz Casino debuted a feature it calls Spinback. It helps out slot players by tossing them a free spin when losing stretches get really bad.

Here’s how it works: Load up popular slot, Book of Dead. Every time you lose five spins in a row, Wildz will give you a free spin. However, you won’t get to take it straight away. To do that, you’ll need to amass five of them. At that point, they’ll be dispatched to “My Rewards,” where you can claim them.

The only caveat: You must play Book of Dead for at least ten lines. And, let’s be honest, if you’re trying to win big money on this game, you’re playing them all.

Sick of big losing sessions? With Spinback on Wildz Casino, at least they’ll suck a little less.

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