Put your knowledge of video games to good use: make an esports wager on Betway

Video games used to be thought of as something children played. Decades after the first console gaming systems became a centrepiece of living rooms everywhere, not only are they a thriving segment of the entertainment industry, they are a de facto sport as well.

While you might be barely able to hold your own in Call of Duty, you too are a fan of internet gaming. As a long time sports bettor, you have developed an eye for teams that are undervalued by pundits.

With sites like Betway now opening esportsbooks, you now have an opportunity to flex the knowledge you have accumulated by watching hours of esport matches on Twitch.

Let’s delve further into this subject below.

Can I really bet on video games now?

You sure can! Betway is a leader in this segment of the I-gaming industry, as they provide odds for esport matches and tournaments around the world every day.

From CS:GO to DOTA, League of Legends to Overwatch, there are line odds available for matchups in the game you love most.

There are even bonuses you can claim; for example, if the team you bet on in an ESL Pro League match wins the pistol rounds but loses the map, you can get your money back as a free bet.

Sound exciting to you? Check out Betway today and place a few bets – as always, we wish you nothing but the best of luck!

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