STRIKE IT RICH: Enhance your parlay profits by up to $10,000 with Unibet’s Multi-Boost!

Promotion Summary
  • Make a 3-fold parlay (or greater) with a maximum wager of $40
  • Select “profit boost” from the drop-down menu on your bet slip
  • Earn up to $10,000 extra when your selection wins

Your friends don’t bet against you anymore. After getting schooled countless times heads-up, they BEG you for picks.

These days, you’ve taken your sports betting game online. However, it’s been a mixed bag so far. You’re up money, but the lines and promos you’ve seen could be better.

Have you taken Unibet out for a spin yet? They are one of the top sportsbooks in the world for a reason – they treat their customers right.

One of their strategies: Run promotions you can’t refuse. What if you could make up to $10,000 extra on a parlay? That’s what Unibet is offering – scroll below, and we’ll tell you about their Multi-Boosts.

How does this promo work?

Every week, Unibet gives its sports bettors a valuable gift – one Multi-Boost. Usable on any 3-fold parlay or greater, it has the power to make your evening a lucrative one.

Here’s how it works – start by putting together a 3-fold parlay (or bigger.) Then, select multi-boost from the drop-down menu on your betting slip. Finally, make a wager (maximum $40.)

If your selection wins, you get your profit boosted by a set amount. 3-folds get a 10% bump, 4-folds receive a 20% boost, and 5-fold+ selections have their profit enhanced by 30%!

Should you hit a truly outlandish parlay, you could get $10,000 ON TOP of your winnings! What would you do with all that money? Think about that while you create an account on Unibet.

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