Seven is the luckiest number: make a blackjack with three 7’s on 777 and DOUBLE your winnings!

Promotion Summary
  • Sit at 777 Live Casino Blackjack
  • Make a blackjack with three 7s (no splits allowed)
  • DOUBLE your winnings to up $1,000

If you’re playing a tight game, blackjack can get pretty mechanical at times. Even those that enjoy playing this way can get bored. So, if you start with 14, you hit, right? Usually, you would, but when it comes as a pair of 7s, you split.

If you play live blackjack on 777 Casino, though, we beg you to reconsider. Below, we’ll make you aware of an ongoing promo that could boost your profits considerably.

How does this promo work?

We’ve long associated the number “7” has long with luck. In blackjack, it’s usually just another card. But, on 777 Casino’s live blackjack tables, lining up three of them could make you a tidy profit.

Start by taking a seat at 777 Live Casino Blackjack. Then, wait until the dealer starts you off with two 7s. Do NOT split them – opt to hit. If a third seven peels off, you won’t just hit a blackjack – 777 Casino will DOUBLE your win!

Depending on how big you play, you could take up to $1,000 extra through this promo. At worst, you bust – which happens about half the time anyway. Go ahead – take a risk and see what happens!

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