Celebrate the end of winter by winning big at the 100k Guts Spring Festival

Promotion Summary
  • $100,000 in prizes
  • on now until April 14th

It’s over – it’s finally over! After months of unforgiving cold, the sun is strengthening, snow is melting, and crocuses are beginning to emerge. We can all go outside again, and it feels great.

However, we’re still a ways off from beach weather, despite what that crazy shorts-wearing guy thinks. So, until we start getting 15+ degree days again, go ahead and keep playing online games. Feel free to crack the window, though – we all deserve it after the winter we just survived.

Guts has enough action to keep you busy until the middle of April. We’ll fill you in on what they’ve got for you below.

What is this promotion all about?

From now until April 14, Guts Casino is hosting the 100k Guts Spring Festival. Throughout the contest period, nine promotions are awarding a total of $100,000 in cash and prizes.

Start with the Live Casino Climb, which awards points for completing tasks in the Guts Live Casino. Then, move on to any of a variety of slot tournaments.

No matter which events you participate in, you’ll qualify for The $20,000 Spring Festival Raffle. Drawn on April 15, the first place winner will take home $2,000, while 122 others will win at least $20.

Ready to bid winter farewell? Do it in style on Guts over the next few weeks!

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