Win Thousands of Dollars in Daily & Weekly Jackpots on PartyCasino

Promotion Summary
  • PartyCasino awards three jackpots – Flash Mob, 50/50 Club, and Festival – daily
  • Other jackpots (like the Super Jackpot) deliver even more cash once per week
  • To qualify, play selected games on PartyCasino’s Global Jackpot promo page

Jackpot slots, with their life-changing payloads, tempt gamers every day. However, these monster pots only release their prize money once every few weeks/months. Your overall win odds, to say the least, are slim.

Fortunately, daily jackpots offer a much greater shot at victory. PartyCasino guarantees thousands of dollars in prizes daily. Follow us below, and we'll show you how the daily/weekly jackpots on this online casino work.

How does this promo work?

Every day on PartyCasino, three jackpots – the Flash Mob, 50/50 Club, and Festival – drop. To qualify, log onto PartyCasino, then make your way over to the promotions section. Then, find the "Global Jackpot" promo page.

Here, you'll find the three daily jackpots, and the games you can play to qualify. Find a game you like and start spinning. If you are active when one of the three jackpots trigger, you could win.

Each of the three jackpots functions differently. The Flash Mob dumps its payload all on one player before it hits its max of $500. The 50/50 Club awards half the pot to one player, and the rest to all active players. It triggers before it hits $5,000. And, the Festival Jackpot triggers before a set time each day. All active players share in its bounty when it triggers.

Once a week, PartyCasino offers a much bigger jackpot. Take the Super Jackpot, for example. On selected Fridays, it drops half of its five-figure pot on one player. Then, it spreads the other half over the rest of the player pool.

In all cases, players must wager a minimum of $0.10 per spin to qualify – good luck.