Short on time? Win big fast with Rizk Races

Promotion Summary
  • turbo slots tournament
  • win free spins and cash prizes

Often, modern life is lived at breakneck speed. Work, chores, family commitments – it’s a miracle if you can meet up with friends a few times per year. Somewhere in your jam-packed schedule, you know you need to find time for fun. If you don’t, you’re going to burn out.

You don’t have time to play casino games all evening. At best, you have an hour here and there. Fortunately, Rizk has just the solution if you find yourself in this situation – read on below for all the details on the best gaming concept they’ve come up with in a while.

What are Rizk Races?

After depositing on Rizk, log on and check out the left side panel. Click on the option ‘Rizk Race’, and you’ll be taken to a lobby where you’ll find slot tournaments. The tournaments go once every half hour. Most Rizk Races last only 25 minutes – if you have time and want to play for more, main Rizk Races last 55 minutes.

In these tournaments, you’ll be awarded points for wins, big wins, three wins in a row, and three losses in a row. If you run well, you can end up on a leaderboard and win free spins (or wager-free cash) in under an hour – how’s that for efficiency?

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