Make your world travel dreams come true simply by playing on LeoVegas

Ever wanted to enjoy a plate of pasta within view of the Roman Colosseum? How about looking down upon the fog-shrouded ruins of Machu Picchu after a long morning of hiking?

As fun as these adventures sound, they require considerable amounts of cash, which is a luxury you don’t currently possess. Don’t despair, though – there are ways to raise money that don’t involve superhuman quantities of discipline and self-sacrifice.

You could always win a contest – in fact, LeoVegas is running a promotion right now where they are holding draws where the grand prize winner can choose one of seven amazing destinations around the globe.

Let’s discuss this news from the online casino world in further detail below.

What does this promotion involve?

Until September 15th, LeoVegas is issuing draw tickets to its customers that, if drawn for first place, will win you a trip package worth $10,000 to one of the following seven wonders: Chichen Itza (Mexico), Christ the Redeemer (Brazil), Machu Picchu (Peru), Petra (Jordan), The Great Wall of China (China), the Taj Mahal (India), or the Roman Colosseum (Italy).

How do you win draw tickets? For starters, it is as simple as signing in using your mobile device – doing this will net you one ticket per day. After that, every $100 worth of wagers, whether at slots or blackjack or any other game will get you an additional ticket.

Finally, there’s more to win than trips, those who get their ticket drawn in positions 2 through 11 will win $1,000 cash – wow!

I don’t know about you, but LeoVegas looks like the place to play this September!

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