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Rise Through the JackpotCity Loyalty Program

Promotion Summary
  • Everyone is a member of the JackpotCity Loyalty Program from day one
  • Get 2,500 Loyalty Points when you join and deposit on JackpotCity
  • The higher you rise through the ranks, the better the perks get

As a regular player, you deserve more than you know. Successful online casinos like JackpotCity do well, so it’s only fair for them to share the wealth.

That’s why they have a well-designed loyalty program. Follow us below the fold, and we’ll explain to you how it works.

How does this promo work?

Everyone is a member of the Jackpot City Loyalty Program from day one. From there, though, it’s on you to make the most of it. After making your first deposit, you get a balance of 2,500 Loyalty Points.

To get more, play as you usually would. Every wager you make earns you more points. Eventually, you’ll be able to exchange these points for bonus cash. Also, if you earn points fast enough, you’ll rise through the tiers.

Everyone starts as a Bronze member. As you graduate to Silver, Gold, and beyond, your point exchange ratio will improve. That means you’ll earn more bonus cash for the same number of points.

And, that’s it, really. The more you put into this program of this online casino, the more you’ll get.