EPIC APRIL: Claim Up To 600 Free Spins On Wildz This Month!

Promotion Summary
  • All current Wildz players get 140 FREE SPINS starting April 1
  • Wildz customers can claim a total of 460 additional FREE SPINS throughout the rest of April
  • On April 8-10, April 15-17, and April 22-24, deposit $50 or more to claim the free spins

You used to have next to no free time. Now, you have too much of it. As a raging extrovert, you don't know what to do with yourself.

It's time to revisit an old hobby. Slots don't just entertain – every once in a while, they pay out. And when you can get your hands on some FREE SPINS? With a bit of luck, you can make that money printer go brrr!

But, seriously – if you're getting back into slots, there's no better place to be than Wildz this April. Follow us below, and we'll tell you why!

How does this promo work?

Wildz is becoming known as the FREE SPINS CASINO. During the holiday season, they gave customers up to 800 free spins. Just last month, they celebrated St. Paddy with a 500 free spin EXTRAVAGANZA!

In April, they're gearing up to mark a special milestone. At some point in the coming weeks, they'll give out their 600 millionth free spin! To celebrate, they're giving you the chance to rack up 600 FREE SPINS this month!

Claiming the first 140 FREE SPINS is super easy – just make your first deposit by April 1. On that day, they're giving 140 free spins to everyone on the site who has deposited at least once.

After that, you'll have THREE more opportunities to bag an additional 460 FREE SPINS. On April 8-10, 15-17, and 22-24, deposit $50 or more. When you do this, you'll get 140, 140, and 180 free spins respectively!

There's just one catch: Wildz will allot your free spins at the rate of 20 per day. To get your spins, you must log in daily until you exhaust all of them.

Ready to spin your April away? Get on Wildz ASAP and good luck!